Calculation and tools

ClimateCalc is a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of both the company and a specific print or packaging product.

This means that the certified company is able to compile a carbon account for the entire company, all its activities and all products produced by the company. 

ClimateCalc can be used as the key carbon management tool for the company. The carbon account shows both the significant areas of action and the carbon data for the previous years. This allows the company, in an easy and manageable way, to see and at the same time document whether the specific goals are achieved. 

Furthermore, ClimateCalc can calculate the carbon footprint of a specific print or packaging product. This allows the company to advise customers on for example choice of paper or other substrates, which can reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the company can offer carbon compensation of the individual customer’s products.

In order to gain access to the calculation tool ClimateCalc and become certified, the company can contact one of the member organisations of ClimateCalc: Contact